What is the process to get a marriage license?

The bride and/or the groom must come to the District Court office and complete both an application for a marriage license and confidential cover sheet. Both parties must be at least 18 years of age or special consent by a parent, guardian and/or a judge is required. The information required to make application is:

  1. Full names of the parties
  2. City of residence of each party
  3. Birth date of both parties
  4. A social security numbers or driver’s license number for each party

The applicant(s) will be sworn under oath that the facts stated within the application are true and correct. The party making application will be given a worksheet to take home and complete. After waiting a minimum of 3 calendar days, the bride and/or groom will need to return the completed worksheet in person with the appropriate fee. The worksheet information is used to prepare the official marriage license.

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1. What is the process to get a marriage license?
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